XviD...RemovingAll Limitations

The XviD video codec will compress otherwise massive digital video files to a managable size. You can play you digital videos on home pc's, laptops and other media devices without wasting precious disk space.

Welcome to XviD Video Codecs

Xvid is a well known video codec for pc, codec being of course an abbreviation for coding and encoding digital video. Encoding video has a primary purpose to reduce redundencies that would otherwise use up unnecessary space, similar to mp3 or mpeg layer 3. Having a much smaller or compact file is incredibly convenient for web applications and storage concerns, therefore making this digital video codec quite relevant in today's web world. XviD video codec works on most modern DVD players, windows media player and a host of other media playing devices.Xvid is an open source project similar to Firefox which enables and the xource code is available to prgrammers allowing them to make modifications. Becasue of the extremely high image quality with minimal to no loss in quality, XviD has become the codec of choice for digital video.